Chloe Emonson

Monash University

Chloe Emonson

2023 Intensive Track | Female Science Talents 2023 International Spring Gathering | Female Science Talents 2022 Female Science Talents Intensive Track

Dr. Chloe Emonson undertook her PhD research at Deakin University, Australia. Her doctoral research used mixed-methods approaches and focused on promoting physical activity participation for children with disability. Chloe is a research fellow at the Krongold Clinic, Monash University, Australia. She works with a multidisciplinary team across the AllPlay research and Joy of moving in Australia programs which focus on improving quality of life, mental and physical health, and academic outcomes for children with disability or developmental challenges. Chloe is passionate about collaborative and community-focused research that supports inclusion, meaningful participation and positive outcomes for young people and their families.


I want to support all children to be included in community activities they enjoy, especially sport and physical activities. I want this because being included and being active is associated with many health benefits, and children with disability often experience poor health outcomes. I can do this because I work with researchers who are experts in disability and inclusion, and who partner with organisations that can make change happen and have meaningful impact in the community. 

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