Women in Neuroscience Nigeria

Chinna Orish

2020 Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

Chinna Orish has MBBS. She is a Senior Lecturer  in Department of Anatomy, University of Port Harcourt Nigeria, where she also completed her PhD in Anatomy. Chinna is a member of International Society of Neurochemistry, Society for Neuroscience and American Society of Neurochemistry. She is the Founder of Women in Neuroscience and Youth Neuroscience Association Nigeria. She had her post-doctoral fellowship in Division of Neurotoxicology, National Centre for Toxicological Research, USA, 2016-2017.

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Science Engagement Project Science Engagement Project

Youth Neuroscience Association

Nigeria (Port Harcourt)

Youth Neuroscience Association is a student-led organization that empowers kids. high school and undergraduate students to learn about the brain ultimately crafting their careers in neuroscience. This is achieved by the following initiatives.

1.By running a journal club

2 Encouraging participation in outreaches and creating awareness of neurological conditions and approaches to deal with them.

.3. Encouraging them to attain high levels of professional achievement by organizing lectures, seminars, outdoor presentations and workshops,

4. To develop local and international collaboration between young scientists, neuro-practitioners and international organizations.

5 To encourage excellence through ECO awards for outstanding students.

6. To encourage youth participation in Brain Awareness Week programs.

7. To support and encourage participation in research and paper presentations during conferences and also publish review articles in the IYNA journal and other reputable journals.

8. To encourage students to participate in brain bee organisation.

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Science Engagement Project Science Engagement Project

Women in Neuroscience Nigeria

Nigeria (Choba)

Women in Neuroscience empowers women and girls to optimize their careers in neuroscience and STEM in order to bridge gender inequalities. We achieve this through different modalities of improving networking opportunities for women in neuroscience; running the Neuroscience Journal Club; organizing lectures & workshops; disseminating information on grant opportunities & post-doctoral training; teaching women to have work-life balance; hosting women’s health seminars; running NEURO4GIRLS outreach program; discussing the challenges that women face in moving through the ranks of academia and building capacity in STEM through outreach and public engagement.

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