National Center For Biological Sciences

Chandrakant Redican

2022 Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

Chandrakant Redican (He/Him) is a Science Communicator, Educator and Spoken Word Poet.He is the Academic Engagement Manager at Swissnex in India, Consulate General of Switzerland since December 2022. Chandrakant co-organized the International Science and Poetry Cafe and is the Co-Founder of Bullock Cart Poetry through which he has organized over 200 poetry events. He has over 10 years of experience teaching science in Rural India and is currently working on a project that aims to bring Science Communication to Spiritual Places in India using poetry.

Ethnically Chandrakant is half Irish-Canadian from his father’s side and Half Maharashtrian Dalit on his mother’s side. Dalits are the untouchable lower caste communities in India which have suffered from lack of opportunity and systematic oppression for centuries to this day. Growing up in a village in rural India within this community has greatly shaped Chandrakant’s perspective. As an empowered member of the community who has a voice and the privilege of education, Chandrakant aims to create sci-comm spaces where more people from historically oppressed minorities can assert themselves, voice their opinions and are empowered to take up careers in science.

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