2021 Winner | Venture 2021 2021 Winner Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

CASTOR is a decision support software for utilizing industrial 3D printing, helping manufacturers to realize the full potential of AM.

CASTOR’s cloud-based and on-premise software that analyzes each part within existing product design of discrete manufacturing, and automatically identifies parts that are a good fit for 3D printing, both technically and economically. The software suggests best-match materials, identifies geometrical changes, shows a break-even point, and simulates failure. The CASTOR solution has been proven to identify cost reduction by up to 50%, and substantially accelerate products’ time-to-market. The software is based on the feedback derived from 30,000 parts analyzed over the last 24 months by more than 80 companies, including F-500 companies. Amongst its unique features are the parts consolidation and weight reduction identification capabilities, using a fast Finite Elements Analysis.

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