Camila  Suliani Raota
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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Camila Suliani Raota

2022 Lab | Winner 2022 2022 Speaker 2022 Winner Speaker Winner Lab Finalist Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab)

Camila graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Caxias do Sul (UCS – Brazil). She has a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering (PPGMAT-UCS), in which she synthesized green nanoparticles for wastewater decontamination. She is currently doing her Doctoral degree in Materials Science at UCS, developing green polymeric membranes for emergent contaminants removal from water. With CAPES-Brazil and DAAD-Germany scholarships, she did an internship period of one year of research at the Institute for Advanced Membrane Technology (IAMT) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT, Germany. The project focused on the degradation of steroid hormones from water using membranes and solar light. Her interests are in water treatment using eco-friendly technologies. Besides that, she wants to do science that can contribute to a better life quality without damaging the environment. Camila is an ambitious dreamer that wants to make a difference in society.

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