Bioinspir SAS


Bioinspir SAS

2020 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

BIOINSPIR is the first startup to implement the patented disruptive technology of ecocatalysis for the synthesis of natural and bio-based products. It is now imperative to aim to replace all the substances from the petrochemical and mining industry in the composition of our consumer products. Ecocatalysis technology, the result of 15 years of research in the CHIMECO laboratory in Montpellier (France), introduces novel bio-inspired catalysts derived from 100% renewable resources. Even more ambitious, this opens the way for a sober and truly responsible chemistry. BIOINSPIR sells high value-added biobased synthetic products to chemical and cosmetic industries, and is developing custom studies with its key partners. BIOINSPIR secured funding of nearly one million euros in the summer of 2020, and launched its own pilot on a laboratory scale.

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