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Bettina von Jagow

2022 2022 Female Science Talents | 20Meet20

Dr. Bettina von Jagow, trained ballet dancer, worked as a professor for cultural studies for over 20 years in the international Academia. She held several positions as an equal opportunity officer. As Chair of the Board of a corporate foundation (Allianz SE), she led the business for 6 years and built the formative foundations for financial education in Germany. Today, she advises organizations on the strategic development of education and coaching structures. She shares her expertise in von Jagow Advisory, an exclusive coaching boutique focusing on executive coaching, next-level leadership training, and female empowerment. In addition to her training as a coach (ICF), Bettina is a dance therapist (German Association for Dance Therapy) and specializes in relationship work (Emergent Essence Dynamics™). As a guest lecturer, she teaches courses on personal development and coaching for young professionals.

Since June 2022 she is co-founder and owner of the Female Excellence Academy (together with Lena Weigele) and the Institute of Fine Leadership (together with Dr. Serge Honegger).

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