Bee Energy

2020 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Bee Energy Inc. is a start-up based on graphene manufacturing. We provide graphene consumers with low cost and better quality graphene-based materials for their application. Our primary competitive advantage is lower graphene production duration (~ 1 day), 40 – 50 % lower cost, environment friendly process, graphene tunability for specific use like high-temperature stability (700 ⁰C), and experienced team. We are targeting around US$ 25 billion global graphene based device market, which is expected to grow further with emerging applications of graphene in different sectors. At the early stages, we are working on scaling up our lab based graphene manufacturing process. Our team has relevant industry and technological expertise in this sector. To date, we have three companies/partners showing interest in our graphene product. We are also actively pursuing other potential collaborations with other industries to expand our customer base.

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