Anne Felsenheimer

Max Planck School of Cognition

Anne Felsenheimer

2022 International Fall Gathering | Zia-Fellows | Female Science Talents 2022 2022 International Fall Gathering Speaker | Female Science Talents

Anne Felsenheimer is a medical doctor, psychologist and clinical scientist at the Max Planck School of Cognition. She studied psychology, philosophy and medicine at the Universities of Heidelberg, Tübingen, Vienna and at the Charité Berlin. Linking all these disciplines in her research, she focuses on the interactions of body, mind and language. Her medical dissertation investigated the intersection of words, meaning and context, with a focus on figurative language in psychiatric disorders. She was an international Fulbright scholar at Vanderbilt University, where she explored the bodily self in language and hallucinations in individuals with schizophrenia. As a woman and first-generation academic, Anne is passionate about advocating gender and social equality in clinical and academic settings.

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