Anita Goel

Nanobiosym, Cambridge, USA

Anita Goel

2013 Speaker 2013 Speaker Breakthrough Day

Anita Goel, Chairman and CEO of Nanobiosym®, is a Harvard-MIT physicist and physician and a world-renowned leader in the emerging field of nanobiophysics, a new science which connects modern physics and life sciences using nanotechnology as a bridge. This new paradigm promises revolutionary solutions to the most pressing problems in health, energy and the environment. For example, this nexus has led to Gene-RADAR®, a fully portable, chip-based diagnostic tool which is being commercialised by Nanobiosym® and which can detect any disease with a genetic fingerprint from a single drop of blood or saliva. Dr. Goel’s many recognitions include being named as the 2013 winner of the X Prize sponsored by Nokia Sensing X Challenge and one of the world’s Top 35 Science and Technology Innovators by MIT Technology Review.

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