Portrait of Angela Tabiri


Angela Tabiri

  • 2024
  • Participant
  • Female Science Talents

Dr. Angela Tabiri serves as a Research Associate at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Ghana and is dedicated to researching the classification of plane curves as quantum homogeneous spaces. Her work entails the creation of non-commutative Hopf algebras exhibiting the faithful flatness property as a module over a right/left coideal subalgebra. Through her efforts, Angela has successfully constructed new Hopf algebras, demonstrating that decomposable plane curves of degree at most five can be identified as quantum homogeneous spaces. Angela draws inspiration from geometry, and her research on plane curves contributes to a profound understanding of the geometric aspects of objects, providing a robust foundation for their applications across diverse fields.

I want to understand the abstract algebraic structures possessed by geometric objects such as plane curves. I want this because a deep understanding of the geometry of objects will form the foundation for applications in diverse fields of study where these geometrical objects appear. I can do this because I use creativity, a strong background in mathematics and excellent science communication skills to solve and demystify mathematical problems.

Angela Tabiri is a part of 2024 Intensive Track