Andrea Riccio
© Marieke Odekerken

Andrea Riccio

2016 2016 Finalist | Lab Speaker Lab Finalist Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab)

Andrea Riccio won Falling Walls Lab Naples in 2016 with his pitch Breaking the Wall of Lighting Energy Consumption. His background in architecture and design led him to pursue his Masters in Industrial Design Engineering in Delft, Netherlands, where he founded Falling Walls Lab Delft in 2019. Falling Walls Lab Delft has turned into a success story at Delft University, by offering a variety of networking formats and pitch workshops and attracting an impressive number of applicants each year. After successfully launching and setting up an established Lab, Andrea has handed over the organisation of Falling Walls Lab Delft to his team members from 2022 onwards.

Photo credit: © Marieke Odekerken

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