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Amelie Reigl

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Amelie Reigl is currently completing of her PhD in Biology and is preparing to launch her biotech start-up, TigerShark Science. The company has already secured 1.5 million EUR in pre-seed funding. Its primary focus is on cultivating human skin using 3D models derived from stem cells, with the goal of reducing animal testing and enhancing research in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Outside the lab, Amelie engages with nearly half a million people on social media under the handle @dieWissenschaftlerin, where she shares insights into her daily life and scientific breakthroughs to promote accessible science communication. For her, this endeavor represents more than just a career; it’s a contribution to an ethical, informed, and innovative scientific community.

I want to revolutionise skin research through advanced biotechnology, reducing animal testing and advancing drug development, while also engaging and educating the public through science communication efforts. I want this because it merges my passion for cutting-edge science with my commitment to ethical research practices and science communication. I can do this by leveraging my expertise in biology and stem cell research, supported by a talented team and a strong network in both the scientific and science communication communities.

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