Alex Zylstra

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Alex Zylstra

2022 2022 Winner | Physical Sciences Winner Breakthrough Day Physical Sciences

Dr. Alex Zylstra received his undergraduate degree from Pomona College in 2009, and his PhD. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2015. He joined Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Reines Postdoctoral Fellow, and then became a member of the scientific staff at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in 2018. He has studied numerous areas of high-energy-density physics and inertial confinement fusion, including nuclear astrophysics, charged-particle transport, and the development of novel inertial fusion designs. He was the experimental lead for the Hybrid E campaign on NIF, which generated the first burning and ignited plasmas in the laboratory. His work has been recognized by a DOE Early Career award in 2018 and a Livermore early career award in 2021.

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