Alex Zoellner

X, The Moonshot Factory

Alex Zoellner

2023 2023 Jury | Science & Innovation Management 2021 Jury | Lab Lab Jury Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab)

Alex Zoellner is an active advocate and engineer for launching breakthrough technologies that better the lives of people around the world.
At X, he splits his time between leading an early pipeline team of technologists and sourcing new ideas and talent to build the next moonshot.
Before switching to X, he co-founded two startups and worked for Apple’s Special Projects Group.
As the technical co-founder of two biomedical startups, Alex developed a variety of technologies for human readable digital vaccine records and novel surgical tools. At Apple he led biomechanics and the development of new technologies from conception to full scale testing.
Alex received a PhD from Stanford University and is an alumnus of the Stanford Biodesign program, The George Washington University and Universität Stuttgart.

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