Alejandra Parreño

Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany

Alejandra Parreño

2022 Female Science Talents Intensive Track 2022 Female Science Talents | International Spring Gathering

Dr. Alejandra Parreño is a biologist working on agroecology, pollination, global change and human-nature interactions. Her main interest is the study of how human activities affect biodiversity in agricultural landscapes and how we can design better practices for conservation. Her study model are insects and she works on different aspects in ecology of bees, fruit flies and aphids and their interactions with plants. Born in Argentina, she did her Masters and PhD in Switzerland and is currently a researcher in Germany, where she co-coordinates an international collaborative project on wild bee health. Alejandra is a proactive science outreach and communication advocate, an educator and an entrepreneur on projects for transfer of resources between scientists, consumers and businesses.

I want production systems to respect nature and maximize biodiversity conservation. I want this because the diversity of species is key to maintaining sustainable and healthy multi-functional ecosystems that support life on Earth as well as human well-being. I can contribute to finding better ways in which we can produce our food, use the land and build our cities. This is because I am part of an international network doing research in some of the most numerous and important organisms that exist, which are involved in plant reproduction, pest control and a variety of relevant cycles, such as carbon and water and are very sensitive to global change. By monitoring and studying them, we can develop better practices for intervention and restoration in agro- ecological systems and advice for building greener infrastructure that supports such life.

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