Adrian  Carter

Boehringer Ingelheim

Adrian Carter

2020 Science and Innovation Management

Adrian J. Carter’s career at Boehringer Ingelheim spans almost 35 years including 8 years as head of neuropharmacology. Adrian subsequently spent 10 years in business development where he led the negotiations for several large licensing collaborations, co-commercialization deals, and patent agreements. Since 2011, he has been vice president and global head of Discovery Research Coordination where he is responsible for guiding research policy, leading strategic research initiatives, and steering operational themes. He is also a member of the Discovery Research Leadership Committee. Adrian represents Boehringer Ingelheim on the board of trustees for the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) and the Scientific and Medical Institute (NMI), as well as being vice chairperson of the Research and Innovation Strategies (RIS) Group of EFPIA and a member of the strategic advisory board of the Biotech Cluster Rhein-Neckar (BioRN).

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