Adenike Adenaya

Carl von Ossietzky University

Adenike Adenaya

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Adenike Adenaya is a PhD student at the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of Marine Environments (ICBM) of Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany. She earned her master’s degree in microbiology from the same University and her bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. During her master’s and undergraduate studies, she focused on antibiotic resistance patterns of soils and diarrheagenic bacterial communities respectively. Currently she is investigating the distribution of antibiotics, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and antibiotic resistance genes in the sea-surface microlayers (SML) of marine environments. She is also interested in public health, as a result, she enrolled for a master’s in public health (MPH) at the university of Wolverhampton, England.

I want to contribute my knowledge to public health issues by being part of the growing research scientists finding solutions to environmental and health challenges. I want this because, the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria and the spread of antibiotic resistance genes are increasingly posing threats to human’s health and to the sustainability of our environments. I can do this because I have developed strong background in environmental scientific research and methodology. Also, because in of my meticulous, dogged, problem-identification and problem-solving nature. In addition, I am currently working with two of the best research groups in ICBM whose supports are indeed top notched.

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