Adelle Rico-Yuson

Central Mindanao University

Adelle Rico-Yuson

2022 Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

Adelle Rico-Yuson is an experimental physicist and advocate of physics inclusivity from the Philippines. In her Ph.D. at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, she works on inorganic perovskites as materials for energy harvesting and sustainability. She is a faculty member of the Physics Department at Central Mindanao University and is actively involved in research as well as physics outreach as the founder and program lead of the Physics Meetup.

Adelle is an HPAIR Alumna (Harvard Project for Asian and international relations) and a Champion and Sustainability Leader at United People Global.

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Physics Meetup (Philippines)

Philippines (Maramag)

The Physics Meetup is a collaborative space devoted to building connections and fostering encounters between Filipino physics learners and global physics icons, one #PhysicsMeetup at a time. It is the Philippines Project of the ICTP Physics Without Frontiers (Italy), initiated by the Central Mindanao University’s Physics Department (Bukidnon, Philippines), providing a collaborative space for Filipino learners, especially from rural areas, to encounter international icons in physics through online outreach seminars. Student and professional volunteers facilitate the sessions from different schools and universities in partnership with science organizations in the Philippines.

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