With the launch of the Falling Walls Engage Hub Kenya, we explored the Science Engagement landscape in Kenya and its lively hands-on and bottom-up Science Engagement scene. We traveled to Nairobi for a 4-day exchange (8-11 March 2020) with a group of Science Engagers from Portugal, Greece, Argentina, Ghana and the US, and had the honour to meet among the most successful practitioners and organisations in the country, in partnership with Mazawo Institute in Nairobi.



How to bridge the gap between science and society? Allowing non-experts to make valuable contributions to scientific questions is central for fostering public trust in science and scientific literacy. As the public is invited in to take more ownership in the process, the scientific sphere gets richer with a more diverse range of voices and perspectives as well.

As a country at the forefront of African innovation with a strong research sector and fast-growing tech sector, Kenya was the ideal location to inaugurate our Falling Walls Engage Hub series. Science and innovation are at the heart of Kenya’s development strategy, and increased investment in science and research aims to accelerate economic growth and address the challenges faced by local communities.

Speakers and participants explored a range of topics regarding challenges, solutions and the future of Science Engagement in the African context and beyond. Themes included strategies and incentives to conduct better Science Engagement (Bernard Appiah); sustainability models and the future of Science Engagement (Ana Faustino & Mazawo Institute); scientific literacy and belonging in science (Julian Ferreras & the Training Centre in Communication (TCC); and women and science in Africa (Stephanie Okeyo).

Hub participants also had the pleasure to take part in Pint of Science Kenya at the Nairobi Planetarium, organised in partnership with Falling Walls Engage and The Travelling Telescope, as well as an educational visit of the Karura Forest in the outskirts of Nairobi, a site known for its exceptional wildlife and biodiversity. 

FULL programme and RECAP OF the Hub activities 


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Kari Mugo


Kari Mugo is the Hub Manager of the Falling Walls Engage Hub Kenya, and the Public Engagement Lead at Mawazo Institute, a non-profit research institute in Nairobi (Kenya) that supports the next generation of female scholars and thought leaders in Africa through research funding and professional training. Mawazo also creates platforms for policymakers and the general public to engage with the work of African researchers. Through its Public Engagement Programme, Mawazo is getting the high quality research of its grantees and other African experts into public discourse, and helping to facilitate an open discussion on the challenges that the African continent is facing.

Events with Kari Mugo

Mon | Nov 08, 2021 | 05.00 PM - 05.50 PM Berlin Time

Falling Walls Circle – Round Table: Shaping the future of Science Engagement

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