Will our relationship with the dead change at a time when technology allows us to communicate with digital representatives of the deceased using synthesized voices? By synthesizing a voice from a body that was mummified 2000 years ago, this project wants to make the liminal space between life and death tangible, which we are currently making accessible with new means. For this purpose, CT scan data of an Egyptian mummy was used to 3D print a model of the mummy’s vocal tract. Together with scientists from TU Dresden, Christian Kosmas Mayer then invented an innovative liquid tongue that gives the sounds the typical characteristics of a human voice and makes them variable. The artist then composed a complex composition in which the cool technology that led to its creation recedes entirely behind a poetic mystery. Falling somewhere between scientific precision and poetically speculative experiment, this piece takes one into the depths of time and combines the archaic with the hypermodern.

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