Vojtěch Nosek is the CEO and Co-founder of UNICO (www.unico.ai), a Prague-based tech innovations company. UNICO’s in-depth knowledge of the patent landscape, its interdisciplinary research network, and its own AI-powered EXPERTS.AI platform make it a front-runner in delivering technological innovations based on ground-breaking science. EXPERTS.AI is a smart AI-based matchmaker connecting the right research to the right application. Universities generate research-based inventions that have potential to become valuable commercial applications. However, research institutions often lack the tools to present their expertise towards business effectively and businesses have difficulties to access these intellectual assets in order to innovate. Presentation of expertise on university websites is often not intuitive, making it difficult to find detailed information and to connect with relevant experts. This results in missed opportunities as universities don’t reap the benefits of commercialization, and companies miss out on cutting-edge knowledge.

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