Julia Leduc, co-founder and CEO of Anymate Me, explains why her start up Anymate me is the future of Video Production for academic and corporate training. Anymate Me is a science-oriented deep tech start-up based in Germany. Our mission is to revolutionize linear, costly and time-consuming video production and editing processes. On one hand, we empower institutes and companies to create engaging, multilingual learning and training videos with high accessibility and scalability. On the other hand, we enable people to access video-based learning and training regardless of language barriers or physical disabilities. We have developed a digital video studio which makes it possible to create professional learning and training videos from text in more than 50 languages, presented by a virtual instructor. Video production and editing takes place digitally on our web platform to replace costly studios, equipment or multilingual instructors. We are the first provider to offer photorealistic virtual instructors who can act as sign language interpreters in a video to maximize the accessibility of the learning materials for deaf, deafened and hard of hearing individuals.

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