Prof. Fabio Terribile is coordinator of LANDSUPPORT (awarded as “success story” by the European Commission) and explains in his video why LANDSUPPORT is breaking the wall to open-access tools for agriculture, forestry and land management. LANDSUPPORT is an H2020 project aimed at developing a completely free, open-access GeoSpatial Decision Support System ( devoted to supporting sustainable agriculture and forestry, evaluating trade-off between land uses, and contributing to the development and implementation of land use policies in Europe and selected UN SDGs. It combines satellite, drone and remote sensing data with cutting-edge models to bring in the ‘hands’ of policymakers, farmers and even citizens relevant information and help them make informed environmental choices. LANDSUPPORT brought together 19 partners from 10 countries across Europe, Middle East and Asia, to achieve a set of innovative scientific, technical and land policy-oriented specific objectives. It delivered 15 macro-tools, with more than 100 operational sub-tools, to reconcile grand agriculture/environmental sustainability policy ambitions with operational reality.

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