Ogboh’s multifarious project Stirring the Pot interrogates the myriad experiences that exist within migration. Migration is explored as a function that occurs as an exchange between people and place, and the construction of memory and identity left in its wake. The project is made visceral through a unique balancing of the human senses, which act as a guide for the artist, facilitating his dissemination of this layered and complex issue. Stirring the Pot positions migration as a mapping of the physical and incorporeal realm, where place is inextricably shaped by memories and experiences that are tied to it. Exploring the migratory relationship between Africa and Europe, a 5-channel film accompanied by a 3-channel olfactory installation and a 6-channel soundscape intersect, forming a multidisciplinary triptych. Scent is harnessed by Ogboh as a key catalyst in this work, triggering memory and emotions that are spatially driven in the transnational mapping of continents. Stirring The Pot employs a sensorial sense of play that culminates into a cross-cultural culinary collaboration, where chefs were invited to explore notions of migration through curated cooking events. The project embodies the artist’s practice, which is as concerned with a visual and audible presentation of place, as it is with the science that drives our neurological perception.

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