Brian Nosek, Executive Director of the Center for Open Science (COS), is increasing openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research by challenging and changing the research culture to accelerate expansion of knowledge and discovery of solutions. COS provides infrastructure to make all research available regardless of outcome, catalyzes grassroots efforts to change research norms toward transparency and rigor, and provides solutions to stakeholders (funders, journals, universities) to recalibrate reward systems to incentivize rigorous research and sharing all findings. COS is changing the culture, making it easier to report failures and reallocate resources to the most promising solutions. Failing faster means better stewardship of research investment, faster accumulation of knowledge, and, ultimately, more lives saved.

COS exists to increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research. The academic research enterprise is beset by culture, systems, markets, and institutional structures that create a gap between scholarly values and the policies, incentives, and norms that shape behavior. This creates friction in the pace of discovery to advance knowledge, solutions, and cures. COS is a culture change organization that aims to align scholarly values with scholarly practices. It does so by developing and advancing a systems-level strategy for changing culture and behavior toward greater rigor, transparency, and sharing of research process, outputs, and outcomes.

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