Anuraag is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of TechNext Inc. During his graduate studies at MIT, Anuraag was a Fellow, at the MIT System Design and Management program. He also held concurrent research assistantships with the MIT Work of the Future Task Force and the MIT International Design Center. $2.2Tn/yr are spent on R&D and this is likely to increase substantially to address global challenges like climate change. R&D spending is the most important, largest and fastest-growing expense for corporations, governments agencies, universities and research laboratories. Worryingly, evidence suggests that R&D productivity is declining over time. Predicting how quickly a technology will improve was impossible for new emerging technologies and took months of data collection and manual analysis for old ones. This costs organization, Billions of dollars per year, squandering human and financial resources on dead-ends. TechNext breaks this wall and enables better decision-making through real-time probabilistic forecasts. TechNext’s core scientific breakthrough is to probabilistically predict the future improvement rate of any technology using machine learning and and patent network analytics building on one of the largest databases of empirical technology performance. This approach is the first to instantly search and predict the rates for more than a 150,000 technologies- from candles to quantum computers. TechNext is executing contracts worth more than $900,000 with the United States Air Force, VCs and Think-tanks to help identify promising technologies, talent and startups, anticipate disruptions and improve R&D efficiency. We seek to become a universal technology operating system for all organizations, shaping how they comprehend, manage, create and use technology.

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