Cassyni makes academic video more accessible and useful for researchers and students globally. From entertainment to news, video has transformed many industries. However, researchers and students have not yet seen the full benefits of video. Massive quantities of video are available, but it remains difficult to use as a resource for research or formal learning. Prior to Cassyni, academic seminars were (at best) recorded on Zoom and stored in Google Drive or on YouTube. It was practically impossible to cite them in the literature and the best way of finding relevant information in the seminar was to watch it at 1.5x speed or click randomly on the seek bar, which meant that no-one used them. Cassyni has pioneered a way of turning video into a viable medium for research dissemination and learning. Each Cassyni seminar receives a DOI, making it citable in the academic infrastructure. Our AI enrichment pipeline extracts transcripts, identifies key slides, and resolves references directly from the video, making it possible to search for key terms anywhere within the talk, navigate there instantly, and cite that precise point in the video. Top researchers, universities, and academic publishers from around the world are now using Cassyni. They are excited by the vast library of research we’re nurturing and the new ways in which they can use video for research. Looking ahead, we foresee a future where university students use Cassyni to learn and revise their recorded lectures.

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