Breaking the Wall of Technology Valuation; making it objective, accessible & affordable.

OxValue.AI aims to break the wall of technology valuation, unblock the bottleneck of technology transfer by creating a groundbreaking theoretical framework and a novel methodological method of technology valuation based on bigdata, econometric and machine learning techniques. An ML algorithm that is derived from the research can estimate the monetary value of a patented invention or a startup. The project also scales its economic and social impact through a social enterprise, OxValue.AI. This project breaks the wall by, firstly, making a valuable first attempt to develop a theory for the valuation of technology. Secondly, creating a “game changing” technology valuation method that will bring disruptive change in technology valuation, making it objective, accessible & affordable, reduces information asymmetry between investors and inventors, significantly promote investment into innovation and facilitate technology transfer, and help startups to survive the Death Valley.


Tags: Technology Valuation, Patents, University of Oxford, TMCD, OxValue.AI

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