Tammy Ma: Breaking the Wall to Limitless Energy – Falling Walls Science Summit 2023

Nuclear fission, while a potent source of energy, is not without its significant challenges. One of the primary issues lies in the radioactive waste generated during the process. Fission reactions produce long-lived radioactive isotopes that pose a severe environmental and health hazard. Proper disposal and containment of this nuclear waste are paramount, requiring secure, long-term storage solutions to prevent contamination and potential disasters.

Tammy Ma, the Lead for the Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE) Initiative at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, played a pivotal role in the historic achievement of fusion ignition in December 2022 at the National Ignition Facility. Unlike the prevailing method of energy generation used globally, fusion offers the potential for generating massive amounts of energy with significantly reduced dangerous by-products.

At Falling Walls, Ma will discuss her once-in-a-lifetime breakthrough and the pressing need for sustainable energy solutions that could become possible in a fusion-powered world.

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