To end poverty & joblessness through software development. Utilization of technology for development

 TakenoLAB is an ICT Academy and Tech Hub, providing its communities with a wide range of technological platforms on which they can learn and practice software development. The introduction of online jobs is also allowing people to solve their problems. Our main focus is advancing the technological status of marginalized communities.

We offer courses in programming languages (Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#), android development, web development, entrepreneurship, and e-lancing. We also offer courses to nearby primary and secondary schools in order to encourage STEM subjects at the early stages of African Child.

TakenoLAB helps to close the technology gap experienced by underprivileged communities by empowering both refugees and rural communities in Malawi, and in Africa as a whole.

TakenoLAB comes from the self-taught beginning of our founder. After finding himself in a refugee camp with no hope of job and realized the opportunities lies in technology.

Tags: Marginalized Community, Learning for Change, Technology is for all, Creative, Innovative, Software Development

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