Frontiers for Young Minds is a unique science journal for kids, in which each article is peer reviewed by young students aged 8-15. We publish clear, engaging science, written by top researchers, to inform and inspire the next generation of scientists and engaged citizens of tomorrow. Fully and freely accessible, with 1000 articles now online and 23+ million views and downloads worldwide, our journal is a global leader in science communication.

Our simple yet effective process sets us apart: with our top academic Editors guiding every article, we connect directly with our international young audience as peer reviewers. Guided by Science Mentors from our Editorial Board, these young students work with us to make sure the key discoveries described by the authors are both accessible and engaging for their peers. Kids learn not only about the latest science but also about how science works by being part of a crucial stage of the scientific process, and gain critical thinking skills which will benefit them all their lives.

And the learning is two-way for our respected academic authors too – they tell us ours is not only “hands-down the most fun peer review process ever” but also one of the toughest, teaching them to communicate outside their own research fields. With an average of 23.2K views per article, we enable researchers to break out of silos and make a truly global impact by enabling young leaders of tomorrow’s world to understand the scientific breakthroughs of today.