ImBlaze enables schools to offer equitable access to social capital & real world learning at scale.

ImBlaze is an EdTech platform built by Big Picture Learning, with the mission of disrupting traditional secondary education to allow for the adoption of real world learning as a core part of school. ImBlaze makes it easier for schools to reduce the opportunity gaps of their students by providing access to mentors for internships, apprenticeships and other real world learning. ImBlaze enables schools to track new measures of student success around the development of their professional networks and outside-of-school learning.

We believe the historic role of school as the proprietor of knowledge capital is declining in the age of just-in-time online learning. An emergent role for schools is to cultivate long-term professional relationships for students while engaging young people with relevant real-world learning. ImBlaze enables schools to grow their network of mentors, to provide a system for students to explore that network, and provide real-time, location based attendance.

Tags: Future of School, Leaving to Learn, Internship, Real World Learning, Big Picture Learning

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