Pumla Gqola: Breaking the Wall of the Female Fear Factory – Falling Walls Science Summit 2023

Gender-based violence persists as a pervasive epidemic on a global scale, thriving under the oppressive structures of patriarchal systems. This deeply ingrained issue demands profound introspection and systemic change. Historically, the burden of preventing such violence has disproportionately fallen upon women and feminine-presenting individuals, a skewed perspective that places the onus on potential victims rather than addressing the root cause—the thoughts and actions of men.

Pumla Dineo Gqola is a distinguished professor of Literary and Cultural Studies and the South African National Research Foundation Chair in African Feminist Imagination at Nelson Mandela University.

At Falling Walls, Gqola will illuminate her groundbreaking project, “The Female Fear Factory,” delving into the intricate intersection of gender and fear in public spaces. She will discuss proactive strategies aimed at dismantling patriarchal violence by challenging its underlying logic and dismantling ingrained social norms.

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