Protein Analytics: To understand how a biological system works, monitor the structures of the thousands of proteins within it.

My laboratory has developed a technology that generates a new type of molecular data with which we can look at the structures (or shapes) of the proteins in living systems. We can do this in healthy systems or in diseased ones, in organisms as simple as a bacterium or as complex as a human, and we can look simultaneously at thousands of proteins. Since structure, or form, is tightly linked to function, this is a powerful way to understand how living systems work. Technology to read the genome (the sequence of all genes) has shown us the code of life. Technology to read the proteome (the sequence of all proteins) is showing us how this code is transformed into matter. Our technology (the structure of all proteins) looks finally at biological function and can show us how proteins work together to form living systems.


Tags: Proteins, Proteomics, Structural Biology, Systems Biology, LiP-MS, Protein Analytics

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