The human brain is certainly the most complex known object in the universe. It is the control centre of our entire being, the seat of our consciousness, and yet we do not fully understand how it works. These mysteries are the essence of neuroscience: how does the human brain work?

The Neuro-Show was born from the somewhat crazy idea of letting “neuroscience” invade a theatre, for the pleasure of all audiences. The goal was to create a unique, instructive and entertaining experience: the integration of scientific content with a playful theatrical performance around the vast topic of the brain. To create an original, funny, and emotional show, and not a simple educational conference, we joined forces with professionals from the performing arts as well as citizens, researchers, and patients from the research centre (patient-partner committee).

Together, they were the inspiration of the story told in the play, and they proved to be a winning formula to fuel curiosity, be relevant, but also entertain and inform the public, from school level to senior citizens. To engage our audience, we invited them to interact with researchers, on stage, in the second half of the event, which created a direct connection with the scientists, deepening the research themes and highlighting the scientific method. Moreover, we provide everyone with an informational booklet to take home to further explore certain topics and allow people to continue their thinking after the event and share it with family and friends.

We may not know everything about the brain, but at least we share and discuss what we do know. The rest remains a mystery and a fascination… for now!

Jérôme Côté is a research assistant in neuropharmacology and coordinator of Neuroscience Sherbrooke, a group of 65 researchers and over 200 graduate students. He has a Ph.D. in biomedical imaging and pharmacology. His main motivation is to promote health sciences and neuroscience to the public. Jérôme enjoys imagining new ways to encourage his colleagues to engage their knowledge and expertise in the democratic conversation, and to reach out to the public in an effective and engaging way using primarily the arts as a communication channel.

Jérôme Côté has initiated and organized various events such as Exprime-toi pour la santé (« Arts for health »), where patients, artists and scientists presented on stage the fruits of their collective artistic work (danse, poetry, choral singing, etc.), Neuro-Ciné, a series of movie nights where citizens are invited to watch a thematic movie and then discuss with neuroscientists, as well as Prendre part (« To take part »), a new CommSci summer school. He is also responsible for various committees that organize public science events as part of the Brain Awareness Week and Science Literacy Week, to name a few. He is also a music lover, an art form that colors many aspects of his life.

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