Since most of life on earth is now modulated and influenced by human actions and infrastructure, one may ask how our technologies and ecosystems interact

In this installation, 2 artificial ecosystems are sharing a light source

The photosynthetic bacteria that compose this system are rewarded for their oxygen production with money

Access to the light source is then granted through a market optimized by a genetic algorithm

Like so, the sum of microscopic events determines the status of the system

Here are 2 artificial ecosystems sharing a light source

Access to this light source is granted through a market

Each colony of photosynthetic bacterias can claim access to light thanks to credits earned for their oxygen production.

The rules driving the market are optimized through a genetic algorithm

This artificial intelligence is testing different populations of financial systems on these 2 sets of Cyanobacteria.

Like so, the photosynthetic cells and the computer are experimenting with different political systems granting access to this resource.

The system oscillates between collaborative and competitive states.

The genetic algorithm pictures the rules of these proto-societies as genes

By breeding populations of societies, new generations of markets arise.

Like so, the sum of microscopic series of events determines the status of the system at a macroscopic scale.

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