A gluten-free diet is often the only treatment for sufferers of gluten-related disorders like coeliac disease — a condition where eating gluten causes the immune system to turn against the body. Michelle Colgrave leads the Food and Agricultural Proteomics teams at Edith Cowan University and CSIRO. Using revolutionary technology, she has created gluten-free barley, known as Kebari, to produce nutritious and tasty food products for coeliac sufferers. At Falling Walls Remote, she will present this breakthrough, and show how nutritional science can create an everyday impact for the gluten intolerant. 


Food & Agriculture



Michelle Colgrave is professor of food and agricultural proteomics at CSIRO, and holds a joint appointment at the School of Science at Edith Cowan University. She also leads CSIRO’s Future Protein initiative and is chief investigator on the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Innovations in Peptide and Protein Science. Colgrave uses proteomics, the study of proteins using mass spectrometry, to identify, characterise and quantify key proteins and peptides. These will benefit Australia’s food and agriculture industries and improve public health. 

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