“Doctor Demo’s Laboratory” is an engaging science show that uses captivating demonstrations led by the persona of Doctor Demo to explain complex scientific concepts, utilizing elements like balloons, soap, fire, and toys to elucidate principles like Newton’s laws, Bernoulli’s Principle, Archimedes’ Principle, and more, comprising around 35 to 40 demonstrations carefully sequenced to thread the concepts and maintain audience attention. Tailoring the approach and depth of explanation based on the audience’s age, the show aims to foster curiosity, observation skills, eradicate myths, and spark an interest in science careers, initially just conducted in physical locations such as schools, malls, theatres and public spaces, the show expanded its reach through a televised segment, reaching a broader audience, amid the pandemic. Virtual workshops and home-delivered experiment kits enabled children to participate from home, fostering hands-on learning and interaction with Doctor Demo.

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