A chatbot tutor harnessing AI and audio to deliver personalised learning to any student on any phone.

In 2020, we built a multi-award-winning solution for distance learning by radio to support children without access to the internet; We called it Rising On Air. We were able to scale it to 26 countries, through 35 partners, in 12 languages, and reached 12m children.

We’re proud to present the next step in the evolution of this innovation: Rising On Air Interactive, or ‘Rori’ for short.

The Problem
We are building Rori for the 617m school-age children around the world who finish primary school without having attained basic mastery of literacy and numeracy. Even before Covid-19, schools in these countries were struggling to provide students with the quality of education they deserve. Prolonged school closures have exacerbated that problem by 25% or more

The Solution
Rori is a chatbot tutor, powered by AI and sitting atop our unique library of structured curriculum content, including 500 hours of audio content covering language arts and math for five different age groups across K-12.

Tags: AI, Chatbot, Education, Adaptive Learning, Distance Learning, Personalised Learning

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