Mygrants is the most used educational platform by applicants and holders of a status in Italy.

Migrants represent 3,5% of the world population and produce more than 10% of the GDP.

Lack of evidence (identity, background, work experiences, languages mastery, credit history) leads to a lack of access to key services.

We believe that data is crucial for designing, implementing and evaluating policies that can generate substantial economic, social and humanitarian benefits for both host countries and immigrants.

Mygrants is the first web-app based on microlearning specifically designed and developed to provide migrants through 8,500 thematic quiz modules in 3 languages with fundamental services including information, training, access to credit, career placement.

Collected data makes it possible to solve problems, and take decisions despite uncertainties such as promoting learning.

Our mission is to harness the power of new technologies to facilitate access to information, training, job placement and access to credit for all migrants.


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