As the capabilities of current computer systems are fast reaching their limits, the huge potential for quantum computing to solve vastly complex problems is attracting ever greater attention and worldwide efforts to ‘win’ the quantum race are ramping up. Still, the term ‘quantum’ carries a mystical quality as we try to get to grips with what it really means, and what form this entirely new class of machines will take remains unclear. Christopher Monroe is Professor of Physics at the University of Maryland and a Fellow of the Joint Quantum Institute. Christopher and his group have carried out pioneering work using ultrafast laser pulses and trapped ions and made the first steps towards a scalable quantum computer that could eclipse the performance of conventional information systems. Christopher is also the founder of IonQ, whose use of trapped atomic ion technology rivals the silicon-based quantum computers being built by some big-hitting competitors such as Google and IBM. At Falling Walls, Christopher will explain how quantum technology represents both a radical change in the laws of physics in computing as we know them and a huge, unimaginable opportunity which is likely to bring about major changes in all aspects of our lives.

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