When we consider the capabilities of neuroprosthetics today and compare them to prostheses used only 50 years ago, we can only marvel at the level of advancements in surgery and engineering. New cutting-edge technologies that work to control the brain’s function have revolutionised the field and brought hope to millions of people who have lost limbs, suffered neurological damage or are afflicted by chronic conditions affecting the nervous system. Grégoire Courtine is Full Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), where he is the director of a laboratory within the Center for Neuroprosthetics and the Brain Mind Institute. Together with his collaborator Jocelyne Bloch, the Head of the Functional Neurosurgery Unit at the Lausanne University Hospital, Grégoire applies innovative technologies and interventions to restore motor functions in patients that suffer from central nervous system disorders like paraplegia. At Falling Walls, Grégoire and Jocelyne will present their groundbreaking progress in designing the precise electrical stimulation of the spinal cord via a wireless implant which mimics how the brain would operate in a healthy person and thus enables people with spinal cord damage to walk again.

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