For a variety of reasons ranging from our heightened awareness of climate change and concerns for our health to an increased sensitivity to animal welfare issues, the popularity of alternatives to meat has been gaining unprecedented momentum in recent years. Mark Post, who trained as a medical doctor and is now Chair of Physiology and Vice Dean of Biomedical Technology at Maastricht University, has been investigating ‘in vitro meat’ since as far back as 2008. He is widely and internationally acclaimed for having developed the world’s first hamburger bioengineered from bovine muscle stem cells in 2013, proving it is scientifically possible to create edible meat from cultured cells. Mark also serves as the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Mosa Meat, a company which aims to perfect the process, reduce the costs and scale up the manufacturing of cultured meat. At Falling Walls, Mark will explain his mission to overcome the last economic and societal obstacles standing in the way of the development of tissue engineering into a technology that can mass-produce affordable meat with out harming animals or the environment, leading to a far more sustainable food system as well as health benefits for humans.

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