Working at the intersection of technology, art and design, Jiabao Li creates new ways for humans to perceive the world. “TransVision” questions the habitual ways in which we interpret the visual world intervened by digital media through three perceptual machines. In “Glacier’s Lament”, she collaborated with glaciologists to turn esoteric numbers and words into empathetic and tangible narratives to challenge the audience with the intricate beauty and irreversible change of nature.

TransVision: “Hyperallergic Vision” speculates on social media’s amplification effect and our filtered communication landscape by creating an artificial allergy to red. “Tactile Vision” lets the wearer conscious of how we navigate the internet naturally narrows our views of the world. “Commoditized Vision” meditates on the omnipresent targeted ads. You can make money by looking at ads and spend money for an ad-free world.

Glacier’s Lament: We used data from glacier melting in the past 60 years to compose music and dance with local musicians who have witnessed the recession of the Mendenhall glacier over their lifetimes, in collaboration with the glacier’s own sounds.

As glaciers are disappearing, the unique blue is also disappearing. The blue colors in the vials were sampled with melted glacier rivers by the artist from Alaska. When one glacier calving happens, one vial would fall. All 60 tubes fell at the end of the exhibition, forming a painting on the canvas beneath.

Tags: Perception, Glacier, Climate Change, Jiabao Li, TransVision, Glacier’s Lament

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