In a time when everything can be faked and where identity theft and fake news are on the rise, trust is a volatile and precious thing. For centuries, trust in markets and between people was granted by governments and law enforcement.
In today’s complex globalised markets and societies, decentralised blockchain networks offer the opportunity to reverse the old paradigm whereby the creation of trust requires a central authority. Brian Behlendorf has long been a prominent name in the tech world and is credited with having developed the Apache web server, the most popular web server software on the Internet. Today he is Executive Director of Hyperledger, an international collaborative effort to find real-world applications for blockchain technology. Under Brian’s stewardship, Hyperledger has grown to include over 160 companies that are looking to incorporate this revolutionary new technology into their business model. For Brian, this is only the tip of the iceberg for an innovation with the potential to positively transform several aspects of society, from reliably transferring health records and increasing transparency  in the electoral system to providing the disenfranchised with proof of identity. At Falling Walls, Brian invites us to imagine a world in which decentralised systems with immutable stores of information are auditable, accountable, and a force for good.

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