Smart robotic systems have taken giant leaps in recent years. Important technological breakthroughs have led to the introduction of intelligent machines that meet human needs across a range of sectors. With the help of AI, robots are now capable of learning and continuously developing new skills. Robots, connected to a cloud that stores large volumes of trained datasets, have become more affordable and user-friendly. Cloud-networked robots are now also able to share data with each other, creating a ripple effect or an entire system of ‘collective learning’. A specific skill learned by one individual robot will be instantly available to all other robots in the network. Sami Haddadin is Professor at the Technical University of Munich and the founding director of its School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence. He has successfully created human-centred robots with an artificial sense of touch that can safely interact with people and learn from it. His own start-up FRANKA EMIKA pursues the objective of robots forming the next level of tools that make our lives easier. At Falling Walls, Sami will talk about his vision for a theory of collective intelligence and applying the knowledge pyramid towards his continuous efforts to strengthen the relationship between robots and humans, with the aim of bringing ever-safer, more intuitive and reliable robotics into the real world.

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