Yi Long is a Fellow of the royal Royal Society of Chemistry and currently serving as scientific editor for Materials Horizons. She obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK with full Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS), United Kingdom Cambridge Trust, Graduate Scholarship of Selwyn College. Her research focuses on nanostructured functional materials for different applications. She has successfully implemented technology transfer from lab to industry for hard-disk company in her early career. Her recent research is to develop various smart materials by manipulation of the structure in the nanoscales to achieve the unusual properties. Radiative cooling (RC) materials spontaneously radiate long-wave infrared (LWIR) to the cold outer space, providing cooling power that is only preferred in hot seasons. Yi Long and her team fabricated scalable smart windows using a solution process to regulate RC automatically. These smart windows are capable of dynamic RC regulation for self-adapting applications across different climate zones globally, giving up to ~ 10% of energy saving in buildings compared with commercial windows.

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