Innovating Industry and Research

Is it possible to demonstrate the value of diversity in ways that are not financial? Where is the future of industry and research heading? Alison Kennedy of the Science and Technology Facilities Council in the UK and Miriam van Straelen, partner at Roland Berger, join Ruth Morgan to discuss these topics.

Miriam van Straelen advocates the importance of making the right decisions now, given the exponential technological growth in industry and business. She argues that the way we gather and interpret data and the way companies choose to create a customer experience, for example, need to be closely examined to identify and correct biases. Any mistakes are likely to be costly, if they are possible to reverse at all. 

In evaluating the necessity of diverse teams, Alison Kennedy shares telling insights into the ways in which they can help preempt or prevent mistakes in the development and application of technologies. She also notes that the skills needed to succeed in the past are no longer the skills needed to succeed in the future, given a growing recognition of collaborative leadership.


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