Fabrice Cotton: Breaking the Wall of Earthquakes – Falling Walls Science Summit 2023

Earthquakes pose significant dangers to societies, leading to loss of life, injuries, and displacement of people. These events cause extensive damage to infrastructure, disrupt essential services, and have a profound economic impact, requiring substantial resources for recovery. Fabrice Cotton, a prominent seismologist, is a Professor at the University of Potsdam and head of the seismic hazard and risk dynamics section at the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ).

With approximately 150 publications, his diverse research spans seismic hazard analysis, ground-shaking evaluation, earthquake source studies, and international projects related to seismic building codes and hazard assessments of critical facilities, establishing him as a leading expert in the field.

At Falling Walls, Cotton will expand on his research that might one day enable us to create earthquake-resilient societies, creating a safer world for all Earth’s inhabitants.

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